Track Record

Reason why we are always chosen

We have continued performing the basics right
We work earnestly with each one
We are always exploring the best medical care
We offer treatment at reasonable fees
Eeason why we are always selected

Safety measures

Initiatives taken by SBC for safety measures

Our clinic undertakes various safety initiatives to provide the best medical treatment. In addition to monthly safety measures meeting, doctors periodically possible conduct training and study sessions. We have obtained BLS for health care provider for safety measures and we work on initiatives for safety measures every day.

What is BLS for health care provider?

This is a course design to teach advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation methods to mainly health care workers such as doctors, nurses and paramedics. Primary life-saving treatment such as artificial breathing and sternal pressure (cardiac massage), removal of foreign body from the respiratory tract and method to use AED are taught. Attendees also learn advanced treatments such as two person cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and artificial breathing method using bag valve mask.

Overseas exchange

Academic and overseas technology
exchange activities

We have taken proactive initiatives such as “Academic and overseas technology exchange activities” in our clinic aimed at further technical improvement to offer the best technology to our patients.

We are focusing on the Beauty Clinics of Korea, which use the most advanced cosmetic surgery technologies.
We continously collect medical technology information from overseas Beauty Clinics through exchanges and trainings.

Support activities

Project in support of Great East Japan Earthquake SAVE JAPAN

We contributed to the early revival of the areas affected by the earthquake!
We have established the revival support project at Shonan Beauty Clinic so that the thoughts of our customers and employees reaches the affected areas.

We are donating 10% of all treatment fees received to the Great East Japan Earthquake Relief fund.
SBC will donate 100 yen for each new My page registration.

Project in support of Great East Japan Earthquake SAVE JAPAN

A soup kitchen was set up at the Ishinomaki Minato elementary school evacuation site. (August 7, 2011)

  • Shinjuku Main Clinic
  • Shinjuku Main Clinic
  • Shinjuku Main Clinic

A soup kitchen was set up at the Ishinomaki Minato elementary school evacuation site. (August 7, 2011)

  • Shinjuku Main Clinic
  • Shinjuku Main Clinic
  • Shinjuku Main Clinic

Promotion department launches Doctor Helicopter business!

  • Shinjuku Main Clinic
  • Shinjuku Main Clinic

World vision Japan

We are providing support in the form of child sponsorship for children from developing countries living under difficult circumstances.
Each and every employee of our clinic has the responsibility to interact with at least one child.

136 children have been supported by the entire SBC group (as on June 28, 2010)
Support start date: From January 2006
* Support ended in December, 2013

Vaccine presented to the children of the world!!

Across the globe, 4000 children die before the age of 5 every day as a result of not getting vaccinated.
In Minami-Aoyama Medical Esthetics, one vaccine for each visitor is contributed via the NPO group.
(96,300 presented up to the end of June, 2011)

We will be able to donate 4000 vaccines a day if 4000 customers visit our clinics every day, and children all over the world can get vaccinated and concentrate on their education.

The mission of our life time is to build a world where this can be achieved.

SBC Group (Shonan Beauty Clinic, Minami-Aoyama Medical Esthetics, SBC Cosmetic Dentistry, Hair Regrowth Medical Center, and SBC Shinjuku Eye Clinic)
Support ended in December, 2013

Free medical diagnosis and treatment provided to the “Save Miss Yamashita Mirai Association”

Free medical treatment was provided at our Shinjuku clinic to support Miss Yamashita Mira on June 20, 2006 who was battling the incurable total colon aganglionosis disease called Hirschsprung’s disease.
Staff of our clinic worked without pay endorsing the spirit of the objective.
3,443,539 yen was collected and deposited to the “Save Miss Mirai Association” account with the support of the patients who visited our clinic or received treatment during the period, and the people who were involved in this activity.
The surgery of Miss Yamashita Mirai was completed safely and successfully.

Save Miss Mirai Association

Money collected with charity care was contributed to the “Save Miss Mirai Association”

Save Miss Yamashita Mirai!

Miss Mirai was a girl born on March 6, 2006.
She was battling an incurable total colon aganglionosis disease called Hirschsprung’s disease.

Transplantation of the entire intestine is required to survive.
Organ donation is not permitted in Japan and the only solution is to undergo transplantation in the United States.
Overseas transplant will cost almost 125 million yen.
The association is soliciting funds from those who can contribute to this cause.

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