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Beauty body liposuction

Popular with entertainers and models! Premium Italian laser is used!!

In vivo smart lipo lasers constricts the blood vessels minimizing internal bleeding during and after the procedure, and activates collagen production reducing post operative irregularities and sagging, and improves suction by up to 20%. Weight loss surgery has evolved more remarkably compared to traditional liposuction and is referred to as "Beautiful body liposuction".

Upper arm 71,290

Radical removal VASER liposuction.

Latest liposuction with minimum downtime!

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Radical VASER liposuction is the latest and best liposuction among the liposuctions performed at Shonan Beauty Clinic and removes maximum fat. VASER liposuction uses vaser waves to thoroughly dissolve the subcutaneous fat and radical liposuction is achieved!!

Upper arm 201,660

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