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Breast Augmentation

One day beautiful breasts

You can get treated on the consultation day.

In breast augmentation surgery, fat from areas to be slimmed in your body are suctioned and the fat cells containing stem cells are injected in the chest region. This treatment is recommended to those with smaller breasts in proportion to their body. This treatment can be provided immediately on the day of consultation. There is almost no difference in the feel and movement from that of normal breasts, and changes are hardly noticeable.


Pure graft fat injection

Injected fat will not be reduced! Dream technology!

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Pure graft fat injection (Breast augmentation surgery), fat from areas to be slimmed in your body are suctioned, and highly pure and concentrated fat is injected into the breast.
Retention rate using pure graft fat injection is higher compared to fat injection method used up to now and, surgery can be performed with less risk of lumps (calcification).


Condensed rich fat injections

Breast stem cell augmentation using the latest technology with the best retention rate.

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Characterized by high retention rate and less chances of lump formation (calcification).
Condensed rich fat injections removes the non-active cells and moisture from the extracted fats.
It is similar to the normal fat injection breast augmentation surgery up to this point, but density increases further due to the additional removal of aged cells. Density is the reason for the difference in retention rate.


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