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Face Lines


Smooth and beautiful face lines!

Surgery of Ella is performed from the oral cavity through an incision in the mouth and not from the skin on the face, therefore scars are not visible from the outside.

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Fall in love with this face profile having a sharp jaw!

Before After

If you are concerned about your jaw length, it can be shortened by removing the middle portion of the lower jaw bone (mandible) by around 3 to 10 mm using horizontal osteotomy.

In case of a protruding (jutting out) jaw, the lower jaw bone (mandible) is subject to osteotomy and fixed after it is moved to the rear.

In case of a retracted (small) jaw, lower jaw bone (mandible) subject to osteotomy can be moved forward to create an ideal jaw.


Cheek bones

Get a small oval face which you have always yearned for!

Before After

With this cheek bone shaving procedure at our clinic, the outward protruding portion (Cheekbones) is cut from the oral cavity and osteotomy is performed simultaneously for the protruding portions (cheekbone arch) in front of the ears, and by moving the entire cheek bones inwards, you can get a small oval face which you always have longed for.

Cheekbones(Arch, inflexure method)1,322,030

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