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Osmidrosis (Underarm odor)
/ Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)


Simple underarm odor treatment without incisions.

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MiraDry is a new treatment method for underarm sweat and odor without incisions to the skin. The moisture present in the sweat glands are targeted using the energy of microwaves (electromagnetic) similar to a microwave oven and the function of apocrine and eccrine glands, the sources of sweat and odor in the armpits are destroyed. The destroyed sweat glands are not regenerated giving long term relief similar to a surgery.


Micro radical removal method

Maximum deodorization effect without scars.

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Characterized by high retention rate and less chances of lump formation (calcification).
Condensed rich fat injections removes the non-active cells and moisture from the extracted fats.
It is similar to the normal fat injection breast augmentation surgery up to this point, but density increases further due to the additional removal of aged cells. Density is the reason for the difference in retention rate.


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