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Eyes Double Fold Surgery

Natural basic method - Completely embedded method

Double eyelid surgery performed using eye glue
without anesthesia in 10 minutes.

Ultra fine medical purpose thread is implanted at 2 to 3 places in the eyelids. This method is called completely embedded method but there are many ways of fastening the thread. The natural basic method is a special method which does not cause swelling or leave a scar giving an everlasting double eyelid. You can apply makeup and wash your face from the next day. In addition, the surgery can be completed quickly and with reasonable fees.

1 point, both eyes7,350

No swelling and non exposed double eyelid surgery
- Completely embedded method

Standard double eyelid surgery.

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No swelling and non exposed double eyelid surgery is a method of implanting ultra fine threads developed for cardiovascular surgery at several places within the eyelids. This method is characterized by reduced swelling after surgery and lasts long compared to the natural basic method. Standard double eyelid surgery procedure can be performed in 30 minutes and is considered to be a make up treatment.

One point, both eyes87,480

Forever double eyelid surgery

Everlasting embedded method!

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Forever double eyelid treatment is an embedded method which lasts forever. Swelling is minimum, about the same as no swelling and non exposed double eyelid surgery. In most people, the double eyelid is permanent with this new implantation method. Makeup can be applied after two days.

[Reason why forever double eyelid surgery is popular]
Double eyelid will not return to single eyelid with this new implantation method
Minimum swelling
Makeup can be applied after two days
No incisions on the skin
Treatment time is 10 to 15 minutes

Both eyes191,560

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