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Gynecological Formation

Labia minora reduction surgery

Darkening is removed! Improves pain and odor!

There are inherent individual differences in the shape and color of the genitals, and it is difficult to decide whether the shape is normal since it cannot be compared with that of other people. If the portion from labia majora to labia minora is slightly exposed when standing upright in the front of the mirror, the size is considered to be normal. Size is considered to be large if there is excessive protrusion causing pain due to rubbing with the underwear. Hypertrophy (swelling) of labia minora results in accumulation of dirt from the decomposition of secretion called smegma between labia majora and labia minora causing bad odor.

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Clitoris phimosis surgery

Effective in increasing sensitivity, Elimination of odor, Inconspicuous scar!

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Clitoris is covered by a skin clitoral phimosis, and found largely in people with enlarged labia minora. Clitoral phimosis also causes decomposed dirt from a secretion called smegma to accumulate between the clitoris and the skin causing bad odor. Furthermore, one may suffer from pain or frigidity during sex due to the easy adhesion of the skin with the clitoris.


Vaginal wall repair surgery (colporrhaphy)

Looseness reduced / Sensitivity increased / Urine leakage improved.

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The vagina looses its tightness with age due to the weakening of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Moreover, there are many cases of vaginal loosening as muscles that stretched during child birth do not shrink back. Vaginal tightening can be achieved from the opening to up to the rear end with incisions and suturing of the mucous membrane inside the vagina. This surgery is perfect for those wanting to make the vagina as it was before child birth or when they were young.


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