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Cosmetic Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry

Obtain totally white and beautiful teeth by improving their shape
and arrangement

The ceramic crown method is used for fixing misshaped and discolored teeth and replacing missing teeth due to cavities. We can closely match the natural color of your teeth with this method because wa do not use artifical teeth that do not match your original teeth, which is used treatment covered by health-care insurance. Correction of partial alignment of teeth is also possible with the ceramic crown method.

Ftllzirconia-ceramic crown90,000


White teeth restored without any scraping!

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"Whitening" is a method of whitening teeth that have changed color due to aging, genetics, or diet, using a bleaching agent to decolorize and whiten the teeth. Specifically, teeth color changes in people who smoke or drink coffee;hence, the demand for teeth whitening is increasing. As the teeth are bleached from inside, better results can be expected compared to“Cleaning”, the process of removing plaque on the surface of teeth. Whitening is a very simple and popular treatment as there is no need to scrape the teeth and the process is completed in a few sittings.

Standard White * 10 minutes 3 times

In Office Whitening with Story Teller Fukuryuu Katsura

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